12 Super Creative Uses for Sterling Silver Charms

12 Super Creative Uses for Sterling Silver Charms

There are so many uses for sterling silver charms. Sterling silver charms are probably the second most valuable component in jewelry-making, next to beads and findings.

They come in so many themes, shapes, colors, and sizes, and really, there’s nothing you can’t do with them on your workbench. If you are a beginner at making charm bracelets or DIY jewelry to sell (in general), you’ll love today’s blog as we go through all the variations of projects with sterling silver charms. These projects are also amazing as DIY birthday presents!

1. Earrings

Making earrings with silver charms is easy – you can do so in literally three steps:

1. Open the loop at the end of your eye pin.

2. Thread the open loop through the charm’s hole.

3. Close the loop.

2. Necklaces

One of the obvious uses for sterling silver charms is to create a one-of-a-kind necklace that showcases your designs. You can attach jump rings to Xinar’s charms making them easy accessories for DIY necklaces. Add a silver trigger clasp or tie a bow to create an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

When used in this manner, charms can also serve as medals – thread your custom design through some ribbon and use it to award participants in an event.

3. Art Charms

Art charms can either be worn or attached to items like totes and even backpacks. They’re specially designed and are often not mass-produced. Art charms can fetch a reasonable price on the market if you know how to bring out the best of each design. Use the correct category of charms, too!

4. Charm Bracelets

Popular at conventions and among independent jewelry makers, you can easily create a bespoke charm bracelet using our custom charms. If you’ve created various designs that you’d like to showcase, a charm bracelet is an excellent way to ensure that your customers can mix and match their favorites. Thread the charms onto strong thread or secure them with silver jump rings before attaching them to a chain bracelet.

5. Phone Charms

When transforming our custom charms, phone charms are becoming increasingly popular. While we already offer a selection of treats that you can easily attach to custom phone charms. Transform ordinary phone decor into something extraordinary with genuine sterling silver crafted by master smiths. All you’ll need is claps to attach your silver charms.

6. Wedding Favors

With sterling silver charms, you can create high-quality wedding favors. These charms can be scattered across tables, added to any plate setting, or even attached to flower bouquets to add an extra personal touch to your flowers! In addition, guests can take their charms home and use them to create their jewelry or simply store them as keepsakes of your special day.

7. Keyrings

One of the best uses for sterling silver charms and one that is incredibly simple to accomplish! Keyrings will always be popular, and our charms are designed to fit a standard ring through the top, allowing them to be attached to your keys. This is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a quick and easy party, events, or convention gifts.


Are you a bookworm as you are a fan of crafting DIY jewelry? Then, I think this first assignment is just right for you! Your pals will adore the bookmarks you make with our beads and pendants. In addition to the pendants and charms from Xinar, you’ll need a silk ribbon and, if desired, some beads to make bookmarks.

Make knots or sew a few stitches to fasten a charm or pendant. You have the option of using only one pendant/charm or two.

Two of our favorite design elements are a more petite silver charm on one end and a larger pendant on the other. As a result, the bookmark will stay put and not get tangled up in the pages. Feel free to embellish with sterling silver beads if you so desire! Charms can be decorated with more than one silk ribbon.

Check out or silver findings for other components to enhance your embroidered bookmarks. People will be clamoring for more bookmarks once they see how ornate bookmarks can become with the right attachments.

9. Bows and Other Accessories

This is another creative way to use Xinar’s charms: as hair decorations! You can use our pendants as focal points for hair bows or attach them to bobby pins, hair clips, and elastic bands. In addition, it is possible to acquire pendants that can be used to make themed hair ornaments for various occasions, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween.

Many pendants in our fairytale charms collection are also ideal for cosplayers.

To attach your favorite pendant to your hair accessory, you need some thin metal wire, elegant, braided string, or ribbon.

10. Elegant Scrapbooking

Pendants can also be used to decorate scrapbooks. With so many collections to choose from, your scrapbook will look amazing. Family albums, too!

Scrapbooking isn’t for you if you’ve got a bunch of hefty pendants and charms, right? Wrong! Don’t worry! Xinar’s sterling silver charms are low-profile, and you can also choose from 3D charms and flatback charms. In addition, our charm collections will add that much-needed dash of flair to your scrapbook hobby.

Is Halloween still fresh in your mind? If you’re into that sort of thing, then you’ll want to look at our exclusive silver Halloween charms collection.

Have a wonderful beach vacation with your family? That, too, is covered by our sealife charms!

11. Zipper Pulls

In most cases, the standard tab that serves as the zipper pull on hoodies and jackets is adequate—albeit a little basic. However, a hole is present in the majority of these tabs. So why not add a little flair to your zipper pulls by attaching a pendant? It’s easy to swap out charms. They’re super interchangeable! A simple macrame knot can connect a cluster of beads and charms, or a Shambala cord length can also be used.

12. Cards and Gift Tags

Charms and pendants can also create unique gift tags and cards. Because it adds a personal touch, it’s a terrific idea for baby showers. You can personalize your guest favors by adding some charms to the tags.

If you use rubber cement, your guests will be able to effortlessly peel off the charm and use it in their projects! The addition of magic to cards is something we like because it is uncommon.

The recipient can easily remove the charm with the help of adhesives that hold the appeal in place. Make it a ritual and pass the charm around each time you send a card. If you don’t think you’re incredibly crafty, this is an excellent project. Your cards and gifts can be spruced up with many charms from Xinar.com.

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