Sports Charms: Making Sports Jewelry Perfect

Sports Charms: Making Sports Jewelry Perfect

Sports charms, especially team sports charms, are lovely and can be worn with any look. So whether the wearer is aiming for a full-on baseball-themed look or like the accent effect of sports jewelry, sports charms are there to deliver.

 Luckily, sterling silver sports charms are designed to last forever, and with so many choices, you’re sure to hit the right balance in your jewelry creations. Use unique sports pendants like our 3D baseball hat charm, 3D baseball glove charm, enameled basketball jersey charm, or our 2.7-gram 3D basketball charm.

Shop the best sports charms for bracelets on Xinar! Master silver casters make our sports charm for jewelry making in the US. So shop local and support our artisans and expert silver casters who have made it their life’s work to provide us with eternal beauty through their ingenuity and steady hands.

Our prices put our sterling silver charms equal to websites offering wholesale sports charms. So start crafting with beautiful sports charms for necklaces and bracelets today.

Complete all your designs for sports necklaces for guys and girls and enrich your workbench with the best-looking sports charms around.

Xinar has been selling sports charms for sports jewelry for over twenty years. Our incredible array of beads, findings, and 925 sterling silver charms will surely help you arrive at the best designs. So shop safely and securely online, and know that we are always just one email away if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Outdoor and Sports Charms for Bracelets

Are you looking for outdoor and sports charms for bracelets? We got you! We know how tough it can be to express a particular idea without a clear focal point in a piece of jewelry; whether you’re creating outdoor or sports jewelry, you’ll need to use specific sports charms for bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and other crafts.

Sports charms can even be used to complete earrings! So as long as you have a jump ring, Xinar’s outdoor and sports charms will bring your concepts to life!

Sports and outdoor activities have always been closely tied because they involve breaking away from the mundane and just feeling free with physical activity and nature in the case of camping, trekking, and other outdoor activities).

Let’s look at some great symbols for outdoor and sports-related crafts.

Rifle Charm

Our 3D rifle charm is a great pendant representing hunting, professional rifle use, and maybe just a dedication to marksmanship. This charm weighs .9 grams and measures 1″ x ¼.”

Scuba Diver Charm

Use our scuba diver charm if you want to appeal to someone who is into scuba activities, deep diving, or maybe just wanting to be at the beach all the time (who wouldn’t want that?)

This highly detailed outdoor activity pendant has the 3D look and form that makes any sports bracelet or sports necklace one of a kind.

Like many other outdoor and sports charms, the figure of the scuba diver signifies a commitment to live in water, and it’s a nice homage to people who regularly do scuba, too.

Whether you’re making a sports bracelet for a friend or you’re interested in opening a small shop full of unique jewelry, you can’t go wrong with the suitable sterling silver charms.

Also, consider a 3D snorkel, fins, and mask charm if you don’t want to use a human figure in your sports charm bracelet or sports charm necklace.

Archery Charm

While the current generation isn’t so familiar with the sport anymore, Xinar’s archery charm still bears all the magic of the sport that once captured the world because of how challenging it was.

We’re hoping this sport could gain more traction, and maybe using an archery charm in your creations can help. But regardless of advocacy, this is a beautiful pendant that ‘hits the spot’ (pardon the pun) any time!

Skateboard Charm

Before the rise of extreme street sports, the skateboard charm symbolized a more laid-back and more accessible approach to life, and there’s an air of punk-ness with skateboarding because it somehow ‘defies the rules of society because of the micro-mobility it offers.

But now it’s different, with the rise of professional skateboarding, global championships, etc.

Skateboarding, which originated in the United States and consisted of riding and performing tricks on a skateboard, is not only a sport but also a hobby, a form of expression, a profession in entertainment, and a practical means of getting around.

Numerous skateboarders have made significant contributions to the development of the sport. With 11.08 million skateboarders around the world, the skateboarding industry is worth an estimated $4.8 billion per year, according to a report published in 2009. In addition, the inclusion of male and female skateboarding teams at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was announced in 2016.

Ski Lift Charm

You probably didn’t think there would be an actual sterling silver ski lift charm, but there is. The one we have featured two figures in a comfy position as the ski lift takes them to an excellent spot for skiing.

Did you know?

Ernst Gustav Constant designed the oldest ski lift in the world. He first registered his invention in 1930. Since it was a world first, an estimated thirty thousand people flocked to Constam’s invention when it first opened.

A T-shaped handle for additional safety and capacity replaced a single J-shaped handle. The change became a hit, and only a few things changed in the modern design of the ski lift. The design became so successful that it’s still called the “Constam” today.

White Water Rafting Charm

What?! There’s an actual white water raft charm for sports charm bracelets and sports charm necklaces? At Xinar, yes, we do! This cute sports charm features two figures paddling away in a realistic raft.

The sterling silver charm weighs 4 grams (over 3 grams more than your usual 925 silver charm) and measures ¾” x ½.” This is a three-dimensional silver casting, so it sports extraordinary detailing all around.

Xinar also offers flatback silver charms, but the 3D ones are popular because they offer plenty of detail and have a different look and feel compared to silver flatback charms.

Hockey Mask Charm

Apart from being popular in some horror movies in the nineties and two thousand, the iconic hockey mask charm is a perfect offering for hockey fans wherever they may be. Xinar’s hockey mask charm is a fully detailed 3D charm measuring ½” x ¾” and weighing 1.9 grams. It’s heavier than your usual silver charm and sports a bold design that will stand out once you add it to any sports jewelry piece. The proportion and details are significant, and it looks very professionally made. Our master silver casters have outdone themselves with their wholesale sports charms.

Golf Ball Charm

While everyone’s seen a golf ball, we bet you haven’t seen a perfect replica in the form of a sterling silver golf ball charm. While the standard interpretation is that a golf ball is for the sport, did you know that dreaming about golf balls can mean something? Indulge us on this one!

“Dreaming about golf may indicate that you have an innate desire for personal development. A sympathetic third party will provide an answer to your predicament. Maybe a friendship has broken down, and you’re looking for ways to fix it.

The conflict between love and hate is symbolized in your dream. Perhaps your hate is starting to show.

Dreaming about golf is a warning sign that you are having difficulty dealing with a particular situation.

Consider the results of your current course of action again. Maybe you sense that you’re running out of time or need to pay attention to a specific deadline. Your aspirations for perfection are represented in your dreams. The thing you overheard is something you’d rather not have known.

A ball in a dream suggests that specific transitions are imminent. The time has come for you to tell the truth or come clean. Your beliefs have prepared you to take a stand.

The events depicted in your dream represent your vanity or dishonesty. Your relationships or circumstances have broken down and need fixing. A dream featuring a ball warns that your plans will be derailed.

It would help if you found a way out of a jam. It’s possible you’d rather not hear the truth. The symbols in your dream represent how you feel about being told what to do. You want to get away from your regular life and its obligations.”

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