Integrating Jewelry Symbols into Your Work

Integrating Jewelry Symbols into Your Work

Jewelry symbols are just as important as the beads and findings we put in our DIY jewelry creations. So whether you are just starting with creating jewelry or are looking for new inspirations, there’s always something to discover from Xinar’s extensive collection of sterling silver charms.

Our silver charms stand the test of time and are proudly made in the USA. So, if you are looking for jewelry symbols to use in your projects, let’s review some popular, unusual, and daresay mystical jewelry symbols that you can add to your themed jewelry projects. Faith, belief, and the feeling of being protected are all things that can be communicated through the wearing of symbolic jewelry.

Gifts of meaningful jewelry, such as engagement rings and heart-shaped necklaces, are often given to express our deepest emotions. Giving somebody a piece of jewelry that has meaning to you is a great way to show them how much you care because it will always remind them of the good times you shared, no matter how long.

Working with General Themes of Jewelry Symbols

Jewelry symbols often fall into general categories before being split into narrow themes and aesthetics. Having a jewelry theme for a series of jewelry or an entire collection can help you straighten out the creative process and also helps in establishing continuity and consistency in your work.

Speculate on some of your most-watched programs. Remember why you’ve watched what you’ve watched over the years. Characters like Earl, Raymond, Lucy, Meredith, Superman, Mr. Spock, and Meredith Grey are your household names. Whenever the mood strikes, you can switch on the appropriate channel. When you want to watch some TV, you look through the Guide to find a genre that fits your current state of mind.

Store your online store or craft booth like it’s your reality show. Think of your jewelry’s humor, abstractness, or witticism as the hook that keeps customers coming back for more. It’s not necessary to create an entire collection of jewelry around a central concept; just a few pieces will do.

Here are 6 good reasons to use a theme in your work.

1. Your theme can be the most accurate representation of you, whether it’s about your creative passions, pursuits, or even advocacies. You will return to essential themes simply because they represent your work as a whole. So if you feel like putting a bit of yourself in every piece, don’t be afraid to do so.

2. The themes you choose over time will become part of the overall creative process. They will help you become more productive and happier with your work, whether crafting DIY jewelry for fun or profit.

3. Jewelry symbols and themes are also helpful when you get a creative block. They help you create variations when you think something is too plain or too simple. In addition, themes can quickly help people smile when they see your work, and that’s important if you’re trying to get your customers to notice your jewelry symbols and creation.

4. You can discuss your theme while selling your wares at craft fairs or online. This will help you come across as the creative type you are.

Instead of starting every conversation with, “How are you today? “discussing the different themes you use in your work will break the ice. This is an outstanding way to establish rapport with customers, too.

5. You can maximize the exposure of your jewelry crafts by using the most popular jewelry symbols available. For example, you can add iconic figures like Jack-o-Lanterns and even teddy bears to your jewelry. Making themed jewelry is easier when you have beautiful sterling silver charms.

6. As a creator, it is always better to be known for specific themes than to be unremarkable. So you have to offer something to the public that will make them remember you. 

Heading in the Right Direction

Jewelry symbols won’t compose themselves. Instead, you must create a nice list of the things that mean the most to you.

Create a list of your interests to help you find your theme or likely jewelry symbols.

Now, focus on just one component. Most television shows focus on a central idea. They are reality shows about professionals like lawyers, doctors, and stay-at-home wives. The same actors with the same offbeat personas appear week after week. But they’re doing different things; otherwise, who would watch?

The same logic should underlie your theme’s design. If you have a thing for angels, for instance, each angel you carve should reflect a different hobby of yours, whether it be roller skating, singing, or baseball.

Make a second list of activities with your “thing you love,” such as ladybugs dancing, angels singing, or teddy bears playing baseball. Enough inspiration for designs could be generated to last for at least a year.

Even beaders require a focus on jewelry symbols.

Bead artists can use any theme in any way they see fit. Create your patterns or use preexisting ones, focusing on color placement and abstract arrangement.

Examples of Jewelry Symbols for Use in Jewelry and Beading

The world of jewelry symbols is so huge that it has no end. But you can start with categories you’re likely familiar with, like animal charms, holiday and birthday charms, and spiritual charms.

Don’t be anxious of branching off to other ‘realms’ if you feel an affinity with specific themes, even if you are not as familiar with the jewelry symbols in those categories.

There is also a market for esoteric jewelry symbols, like Celtic and Wiccan charms. Whatever theme you choose, know that you can combine symbols to come up with something unique and never seen by those who love your kind of craft. That’s why experimentation is so vital to crafting jewelry.

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