Healing Jewelry: What is It and How Does it Work?

Healing Jewelry: What is It and How Does it Work?

Healing jewelry is one of the many ways healing and protective symbols can be applied to daily life to create a field of positive energy that heals and nourishes. While many people are more familiar with using gemstones like sapphire, jasper, and tourmaline for healing, one can also use protection symbols and protective charms instead of gemstones in healing jewelry or healing beadwork. In addition, hypoallergenic sterling silver charms can also serve as conduits of healing energy for anyone who wears the symbols.

What is Healing Jewelry?

Many people believe that by donning a specific piece of jewelry called “healing jewelry,” they will be blessed with improved health, positive energy, and enhanced vitality. It’s possible to create jewelry pieces from various stones and metals, each of which has been attributed with specific curative properties.

For most of human history, people have used healing jewelry. Despite its common association with mysticism and spirituality, healing jewelry can be found in many faiths and cultures.

Jade, amber, and amethyst are just a few examples of precious and semi-precious stones that can be used as healing gemstones. Wearing one of these stones has become common practice for those seeking mental and spiritual health. Amber is thought to extend life, while jade is associated with wealth. Wearing amethyst jewelry is said to help those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Healing jewelry often features stones such as crystals. For example, rose quartz crystal healing jewelry is widely worn because it can aid cardiovascular health and increase the wearer’s overall happiness. Wearing other crystals, like rhodolite or rubellite, is said to help one feel more at peace with oneself and improve one’s ability to focus. People who wear gemstones or crystals for healing often wear necklaces and pendants.

Wearing certain conductive metals has been shown to aid in the healing process for a variety of ailments, including arthritis and poor blood circulation, through the use of magnetic fields. Magnets are used to treat these issues and to ward off evil spirits when worn as bracelets. Magnetic jewelry is available in various styles, the most popular of which is the bracelet.

Gold and silver are also commonly used in the medical field. Silver is thought to enhance the healing properties of gemstones, so jewelers frequently use it to set these stones. The use of gold in healing jewelry has been linked to improved focus and clarity of thought, making it an ideal accessory for any spiritual meditation.

Supporters of healing jewelry quickly point out that just because you’re wearing a particular stone doesn’t mean you’ll be cured of whatever ails you.

They advise incorporating healing stones and metals into a more extensive, holistic healing practice. It’s not unheard of for those who wear healing stones also to be interested in or engaged in other forms of alternative medicine and spirituality. While some prefer alternative treatments, others prefer conventional medicine or psychotherapy when facing health or mental health issues.

What Do Healing Symbols Mean?

Healing symbols and protective symbols are commonplace in healing jewelry. Below are some examples of nearly universal healing symbols you can add to DIY healing jewelry that you can easily make at home.

Silver Yin and Yang Pendant

The yin-yang symbol is one of the most well-known religious icons in the world. It symbolizes harmony between yin and yang, active and receptive, and masculine and feminine energies (yin).

Originating in 1400 BC with Taoism, the concept of yin and yang is universally recognized today. Furthermore, many examples of yin and yang in the natural world, such as night and day, demonstrate the universality of this duality and its significance.

Both are necessary, and harmony is achieved when their energies are in perfect harmony with one another. The small complementary circles on either side represent this in the yin-yang symbol. According to some, trauma, illness, and suffering can all be traced back to a lack of harmony between the two.

Sterling Silver Om or Aum Charm

Worldwide, the Om symbol can be seen adorning the walls of yoga studios, but few yogis understand its significance. In Hinduism, Om is revered as the primordial syllable because it represents the coming together of one’s mental, physical, and spiritual selves.

The Om symbol has profound significance. The curves and lines represent the five yogic states of consciousness. Its origins can be traced back to Buddhist teachings on compassion.

Therefore, even modern yogis and meditators chant the word and hang the emblem because it contains much spiritual wisdom. People believe chanting “Om” can help them become more compassionate, focused, and enlightened.

Medicine Staff of Asclepius Silver Charm

The Asclepius Wand, also called the Rod of Asclepius, is a symbol of health and healing associated with the Greek god Asclepius, who in mythology was revered for his skill with medicine and the human body. Unfortunately, this wand, which looks much like the Caduceus wand but has an entirely different significance, is frequently misunderstood.

The snake is coiled around a wand, which refers to the mythology surrounding his afterlife. After being killed by Zeus, Asclepius is said to have appeared as a ghost carrying a serpent and healing people in their dreams, according to Greek mythology. Greek doctors started using specific snake venoms to treat wounds to further honor Asclepius because of the widespread belief that the poison could prevent blood from clotting.

The Horus Eye Silver Charm

This Ancient Egyptian Symbol is associated with wellness and health restoration. Originating in Egyptian mythology, the symbol depicts the god Horus’s miraculous recovery of his left eye after losing it in battle.

The six lines/curves in the ancient symbol stand for the human senses. The Eye of Horus has been employed historically in various defensive contexts. For example, fishermen would decorate their boats with them, and families would draw them on their loved ones’ coffins to ensure they would be protected even in death.

How Do Healing Gemstones Work?

Crystals have been prized for their metaphysical properties since ancient times when they were used to help people in various ways. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds can be healed with the help of these stunning and one-of-a-kind creations from Mother Nature.

By channeling healing energy, you’re increasing your own. Whenever a person comes into contact with a crystal, they and the crystal share energy. It is sometimes necessary to release negative energy by depositing it into a stone and drawing positive energy back out.

For best results, cleanse your crystals before each use, even if they are sitting in your jewelry collection. If you put your crystals on selenite or citrine overnight, they will be purified.

Of course, you can also use other methods to revitalize your gemstones. You could, for instance, leave them out in the full moon’s light or burn sage and allow its smoke to seep through the stone. Healing with gemstones can be done without a deep understanding of their metaphysical properties.

We are fortunate to have access to more than 4,000 different types of crystals here on Earth. Physically and metaphysically, every gem is unique. If you’ve ever wondered what draws you to a particular crystal or if you require a specific type of healing, a crystal Bible may be helpful to you.

The practice of crystal healing has developed over time and is now widely used as an alternative medical modality all over the world. In addition, gemstones have various applications in holistic practices like chakra therapy, massage therapy, and reiki.

Depending on the crystal’s characteristics, simply wearing a gemstone in jewelry can help charge up a specific field of energy. Gems have a way of bringing you closer to yourself and the world around you. The use of gemstones can give you a boost of confidence and vitality.

Those who don these bracelets frequently report a sense of relief and calm. The crystals in your jewelry never stop doing their thing, no matter how often or rarely you wear them. Our gemstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more will make you look and feel beautiful.

It is common knowledge that crystals worn on the body offer some measure of security. However, it’s crucial to put up barriers against destructive emotions.

Do not let a person’s negative energy drain your energy; wear gemstone jewelry to deflect it. Perhaps you’ll adorn yourself with precious stones to strengthen your bond with God, the angelic realm, and the spirit world.

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