Using Copper Beads for Jewelry Making

Using Copper Beads for Jewelry Making

It’s time to bring out the best of your crafting with the best copper beads for jewelry making. Xinar’s copper beads are 100% pure 100% of the time. We offer gleaming copper beads of the most excellent quality. Use them to design and craft great copper bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that are difficult to ignore. Stand out and bring your customers the best copper beads for jewelry making without breaking the bank.

What are the Signs of High-Quality Copper Beads for Jewelry Making?

Xinar never cuts corners when it comes to quality. Our copper beads are gorgeous and warm-toned that will undoubtedly add glitz and elegance to your designs. Rather than being plated, these lovely beads are made of genuine copper. So, to add to your jewelry-making supplies and techniques, you’ll finally get to experience the authentic sight and feel of copper beads that occupy the highest quality tier.

How do you know that you’re getting the best copper beads?

  • Your copper beads should have been made from the purest copper available in the United States. Xinar’s beads are made locally.
  • Cold pressing is the best method of manufacturing beads. The technique keeps the metal’s surface cold, which prevents tarnishing.
  • Each pattern is manufactured using gauge and tempered material to create a weighty, high-quality bead.
  • The copper beads should have been polished to a mirror polish. Copper beads should also have a bright and clean look to them. Proper finishing prevents tarnishing.
  • High-quality copper beads are manufactured to the correct tolerances. The best manufacturers also use the latest technologies available.
  • Facilities that make copper beads should be free of all antiquing materials.

How To Prevent Tarnishing in Copper Beads?

Many commercially available products will clean and shine copper beads (and other copper items). If you own old copper jewelry, there are still steps that will help you keep those copper beads and copper bracelets gleaming for a long time. You’ll be relieved to learn that caustic chemicals aren’t required to make your copper sparkle like new. Almost every copper item may be cleaned and polished with just a few common household chemicals. It’s also as simple as sealing your copper from air and grease to keep it looking new.

Combine 3 cups pure concentrated lemon juice and 1 cup salt in a mixing bowl. Stir until the salt has completely dissolved. Rub a tarnished copper item vigorously with a sponge dipped in the lemon juice and salt. In many situations, this is all that is required to remove years of tarnish and restore copper’s warm brilliance. If the tarnish persists, try adding one cup of white vinegar to the lemon and salt mixture. If the tarnish persists, add 1/2 cup ammonia to the lemon/salt/vinegar combination and repeat the process.

Wearing gloves, make the last pass with the cleaning solution over your copper object. Pay special attention to any locations where your fingers or other exposed flesh have come into contact. Wear gloves and thoroughly rinse your copper object. Do not touch your clean copper item with your fingers or any exposed flesh, as your skin’s oils can quickly tarnish copper.

It is also a great idea to apply a light coat of lacquer to all exposed copper, taking care not to touch your copper object with your bare hands. Allow at least 2 hours for the thing to cure or as directed on the lacquer can. Spray one side of your copper object, wait for it to dry, and then spray the other. Allow at least 2 hours for the entire thing to dry or as directed by the manufacturer.

How to Prevent Patina in Copper Beads for Jewelry Making?

Copper beads for jewelry making have a warm, rich brown tone, similar to a brand new penny. Copper is a living element that interacts with its surroundings, aging to a greenish-blue patina. While some people enjoy this look, others would rather keep the original color. To keep the actual color, the oxidation must be removed first, and then the copper must be sealed to preserve it from the environment. You may use various techniques to remove the tarnish and restore your copper items to their former luster.

Step One: General Copper Cleaning

Add one cup vinegar and one tablespoon salt to a saucepan. Submerge the copper item in the solution and cook on the stove for several hours, adding water. The acid created by the vinegar and salt eats away at the tarnish. Allow the copper item to cool after removing the pot from the burner. Wash everything with warm and soapy water. Use a soft towel to dry.

If the item is too large to boil, use a copper cleaning compound or solution. However, it would be a good idea to first wash the copper article and dried with a soft towel. Mix equal parts of salt, vinegar, flour, and water to make a paste in a small bowl. For minor tarnish, this is an excellent cleaning material for copper beads for jewelry making. Mix equal lemon juice and salt, or use tomato paste to remove excessive tarnish. Using a delicate cloth, apply the proper paste. Rinse well with warm water. Proceed to pat dry with a soft cloth.

To remove the patina, use a commercial copper cream or paste. Copper cleaners can be found in supermarkets and home improvement stores. First, ensure the product is appropriate for your copper item by carefully reading the directions. Apply a dollop to the copper item using a soft cloth. The compound will need a few minutes to take action. Buff the object with a clean, dry cloth.

Step Two: Patina Prevention

To avoid further discoloration, apply a protective coating to the copper beads for jewelry making. Apply beeswax or carnauba wax to the item. Apply the wax to the copper surface with a delicate cloth dipped in it. Buff using a soft, clean cloth. Using a light cloth, apply two thin applications of linseed oil. Buff the surface to a gleaming finish. This is very good for copper products that are used outside.

Apply a lacquer finish to the copper item. Apply the first coat with a light paintbrush. Allow time for drying. Allow the second coat to dry before applying the third.

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