Types of Charms for Jewelry Making

Types of Charms for Jewelry Making

Charms for jewelry making run the gamut from exquisite 925 sterling silver charms to pendants made of gemstones, wood, or even animal bone. From a technical perspective, charms and pendants are jewelry components worn loosely around the wrist or neck.

All charms for jewelry making are derived from one of the oldest human practices of wearing amulets or small objects that are believed to ward off evil and misfortune. Wearing something on the body always signifies something, even if it’s just appreciating the design of the pendant or jewelry.

Charms for jewelry making are essential for jewelry design, and they’re often considered first in DIY jewelry-making attempts. If you are interested in getting started with DIY charms for jewelry making, you’ve come to the right place.

Xinar has been selling high-quality beads and findings, plus charms for jewelry making, for over twenty years. Since 1998, Xinar has been helping artists, artisans, and crafters by being an affordable go-to for all jewelry-making supplies. All our 925 sterling silver charms are proudly made in the United States and are also hypoallergenic (lead-free and nickel-free).

What Are the Types of Charms for Jewelry Making

There is practically an unlimited number of charms for jewelry making anywhere in the world because human creativity is boundless. However, if you’re a crafter or a hobbyist, you certainly don’t want to end up walking the wrong theme alley when planning your designs. Below are some interesting selections from Xinar’s 925 sterling silver charms catalog.

Animal and Pet Charms

Animal and pet charms are always popular because people love animals, and animals also tend to symbolize a lot of things for people. Therefore, we can say that among the many other theme families for jewelry design, animal charms and symbols are at the very top. Here’s why: the spiritual growth of humans benefits from animals in two significant ways.

One of the first things people learn from their interactions with animals is the fundamental interdependence of all living things, which is the bedrock of compassion. Second, interactions with animals can teach us how to be better humans. Third, social workers and their clients can benefit from engaging in spiritual practices based on the human-animal bond to increase their appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life.


This majestic beast has represented much more than its physical attributes for thousands of years and across many cultures. Irish mythology and legend attribute these qualities to the Bull, making him a powerful and prosperous symbol.


The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and profound alteration. Animals also represent death and rebirth, another aspect of change. To be more precise, your “old self” is passing away so that your “new self” can emerge.


Another animal with solid ties to Earth is the cow. Power, care, and procreation are also represented here. The cow also symbolizes perseverance, kindness, and insight.


Bears hibernate during the winter and emerge in the spring. Because of this, they have come to represent the promise of new beginnings and the triumph of death. In addition, the sheer size of a bear makes them a symbol of strength and power.


Different species of birds can represent different things. Birds, as a group, represent closure and new beginnings, or the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. In addition, this creature represents independence due to its ability to travel wherever it pleases using its wings.


The Buffalo or bison is a terrestrial emblem of courage, independence, generosity, strength, and reverence. Stay humble and grateful when you’re around a buffalo. The Buffalo is a significant figure in Native American mythology and storytelling. They’re most widely recognized for safety, power, respect for life, and longevity.

Spiritual and Ritual Charms

Another rich source of inspiration is charms for jewelry making that center on mystical or spiritual symbols. Xinar’s spiritual and ritual charms have them all in one basket. Insignia, token, and contract are all concepts traced back to the Greek symbolon, where the word symbol first appeared. A symbol could help establish mutual recognition between contracting parties, allies, guests, and hosts.

The symbol’s original meaning was to convey a coherent whole utilizing a component.

As a certification of sorts, the component ensured the presence of the whole while also serving as an indicator of the bigger picture through its concise, meaningful formula form.

Therefore, the idea of complementarity serves as the basis for the emblem. To fully express what a symbol, object, picture, sign, word, or gesture means, it is necessary to associate them with specific conscious ideas. In this sense, it serves both an esoteric (or concealing) and exoteric (or revealing) purpose. Understanding it requires some degree of mutual effort. Its meaning is established through the customs of a community.

When discussing the evolution and application of symbolism, it is essential to distinguish between various classes and sets of connections. The Christian cross, for example, is a religious symbol used to convey ideas about the relationship between God and humanity and between God and the rest of the world. However, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the significance of nonreligious symbols grew, particularly those that explored how humans relate to and think about the material world.

Coins, finery, fashion, social standing, individuality, faith, prosperity, rites of passage, inheritance, relationships, security, happiness, and protection are just a few of the many meanings attributed to jewelry with symbols. So, as you can see, charms for jewelry making can quickly establish the value and meaning of a piece of jewelry by its symbolic value.

Jewelry has long served as a medium of exchange and currency. Depending on the design and quality of its constituents or material, jewelry is still used as currency in some communities worldwide. That’s right; some people do use jewelry as a form of savings.

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