What is Cottagecore?

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is among the latest aesthetic trends to hit online communities since the pandemic.

The first aesthetic movement in the United Kingdom was a strong reaction to what was perceived as the dehumanization of the industrial revolution. During the period of history where people were being transformed into the expressionless and the nameless in the name of efficient industrialization, people yearned for what would become proto counterculture to recuperate the Self.

Today, there are innumerable aesthetic fashions on the internet. Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are all filled with posts and hashtags expounding the principles of each aesthetic. And while we cannot discuss them all today, we’re going to explore one aesthetic – cottagecore – that has had a strong following since the late 2000s and continues to be popular today.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a dreamy, warm design aesthetic that has grabbed a devoted social media following. It has evolved into a highly sought-after design aesthetic in the modern era.

Cottagecore is reported to have been coined in 2018 by the Tumblr community. Throughout the early 2010s, young people romanticized and documented rural life through their photographs.

Their photographs frequently depict romanticized sceneries from rural residences embellished with old floral design motifs. Lace, oversized caps, and flowing, ethereal gowns are worn. Also, teapots, old chandeliers, and outdoor claw-foot tubs have a cottagecore pedigree.

How Does the Cottagecore Aesthetic Work?

The cottagecore aesthetic frequently transports listeners to simpler times – cooking, collecting daisies, running barefoot across a field, and feeding goats are all high-energy cottagecore activities. Cottagecore, according to experts, is centered on comfort, spaciousness, and well-being. As is customary, our interiors are influenced by the natural world.

The exterior environment has been very depressing, and individuals have been unable to find solace and comfort in the usual external influences – friends, family, going out to eat. Everything has shifted inward, and individuals have sought refuge and comfort in their homes, realizing how crucial their home environment is to their feeling of well-being and sanity.

It’s an aesthetic heavily influenced by longing for rural country living. In a cottage – this is where the name “cottagecore” from – in the woods or a forest. Anything that involves being outside and seeking solace in nature. Cottagecore can easily be replicated in a home.

A Nod Toward Sustainability


Cottagecore also became fashionable when fashion customers placed a greater emphasis on sustainability. Coupled with supply chain concerns, many people are making their garments or thrifting, which are significant aesthetic motifs.

Much cottagecore fashion is characterized by flowing, loose-fitting dresses, and skirts with long or puffed sleeves. In addition, knitted cardigans, Peter Pan collars, loose linen slacks, and overalls are aesthetic classics. While the color palette is composed of basic neutrals (whites, browns, and greens), the collection incorporates a variety of patterns, particularly florals, paisley, stripes, and gingham.

Cottagecore has also influenced other popular aesthetics, such as witchcore, princesscore, and vintage-inspired fashion.

Accessories and outfits made from natural materials are all staples of cottagecore fashion. Combine them in one outfit to create an instant cottagecore ensemble.

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Cottagecore’s Whimsy Flair


If you’re a fan of cottagecore but don’t want to look like you stepped directly out of a Victorian-era novel while making tea, try incorporating milder cottagecore features into your usual style: A floral top, distressed, loose-fitting jeans, and Oxfords provide just enough romantic vibes without drawing too many glances.

Unfortunately, most of us who are in love with the cottagecore aesthetic will never be able to fully live out our true calling of living off the grid, gathering berries, and creating art while still working. However, we can still add a touch of whimsy to your work attire by wearing an embroidered cardigan, corduroy pants, and some stunning heels.

If you want to live out your cottagecore fantasies, go all out with an embroidered gown, some heels, and a little hair bow for your Instagram photoshoot.

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Cottagecore’s Changing Seasons


By developing an outfit that is embraced when out in nature, you may embrace the ‘dirty’ side of cottagecore. Put on your favorite overalls and lose yourself in the awesomeness of the aesthetic, whether you’re gardening, hiking, or simply taking a walk.

While cottagecore has a romantic vibe, take it a step further when planning your date night ensemble. A bodice dress with cut-out sides infuses the normally strait-laced style with sexiness. Add a slight heel and pearl jewelry for a stunning appearance that will capture your date’s heart.

As fall beckons, it’s time to put away our short-sleeved dresses and go for something a little cozier.

Historically, when we think of cottagecore, spring and summer when everything is vibrant, fresh, and green. However, you can continue to wear the aesthetic in the winter with chunky turtleneck sweaters, long knit skirts, and beautifully printed boots that will keep you warm all winter.

If spring cannot arrive soon enough, include a touch of the season into your ensemble by wearing a flower-embroidered shirt, comfortable slacks, and beautiful footwear. The ability to fantasize about spring is important to the cottage aesthetic!

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From Vintage to Princesscore to Witchcore


Cottagecore is greatly influenced by vintage aesthetics from the 1930s and 1950s (or, for some, the nineteenth century), more so given the look’s emphasis on thrifting for sustainability. Combining the two designs with a collared blouse, a colorful pinafore dress, and a pair of Mary Jane shoes creates a beautiful image, indeed.

Princesscore is another prominent fashion trend that evolved from cottagecore. It is a more glam take on the style. If you’re a touch too edgy for typical cottagecore, boost the outfit with a stunning dress, sparkling earrings, and a chic handbag.

Witchcore is a subset of cottagecore for individuals who live in a small cottage in the woods to cast spells and create potions. If you’re not a fan of the beautiful white cotton dresses, make a comeback with a black dress, and yes, you can opt for a pair of combat boots. Remember to include your witch’s hat!

Being isolated in the forest does not mean you will be deprived of options to party. Whether you’re having tea with friends, attending a wedding, or simply celebrating life, all you need is a corset top, midi skirt, and flower crown to get the party started.

If you adore the cottage aesthetic but dislike corsets and buttons, keep it simple with a pair of boots, a long skirt, and a wrap sweater.

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