Men’s Fashion Aesthetic, Part 1 – A Xinar Guide

Men’s Fashion Aesthetic, Part 1 – A Xinar Guide

Men’s fashion aesthetic is gaining revival in 2022, with more males from the millennial and GenZ generations figuring out what aesthetics will work best for them. Fashion trends are cyclical, so elements of so-called bygone eras in clothing and apparel will reappear depending on the aesthetic. 

While age is a factor in personal style, you can be conservative or liberal about yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50; there will be styles that will complement your physique, personality, and objectives for changing your style. You can rework your top or bottom, or even integrate silver charms into your personal fashion. 

Clothes communicate to those around you, so it’s best to approach them with purpose and intention. Utilize your clothing and personal style to establish your brand.

Your style may even reflect your values. Utilize your style to help you stand out and be noticed, as well as to reinforce your professionalism.

Clothing reflects your personality and can even boost your confidence if you feel good about what you’re wearing. Therefore, it is critical to feel comfortable in your clothes, as this sensation can make or break an outfit. Men’s fashion aesthetic gives you access to these benefits.

To begin, you must ascertain your identity. Next, consider which of the following best describes your values and beliefs as a person.

Develop a sense of style and appearance that reflects who you are. A distinctive style that will distinguish you from the crowd and something you want people to remember about your appearance.

Bear in mind that even if the clothing is beautiful, it may not fit or be your style. Take the time and effort to develop your style and discover what looks good on you. Therefore, ensure that you feel good about what you’re wearing. Additionally, purchase clothing from brands that value both people and the environment. Finally, always remember that our fashion choices can either contribute to or worsen existing issues in the global fashion industry.

What is an Aesthetic in Fashion?

Fashion aesthetic types are ubiquitous, whether you notice them!

Knowing the aesthetic, you wish to dress in can alter the game when it comes to putting together your wardrobe, making it easier to source new pieces.

Additionally, aesthetic clothing can help you identify with specific subcultures or groups. This could be a way to connect with others who share your interests, or it could be a new way to express your personality. Many artists express themselves through fashion aesthetics, but we all technically dress in our aesthetic style! Men’s fashion aesthetic is specific to males in different eras.

Aesthetics are distinct fashion trends, such as vintage, arty, or goth. The term refers to the appearance you achieve through your choice of clothing, accessories, and makeup. Aesthetics can also refer to casual styles, formal attire, or business attire, as these are all examples of looks created through clothing.

Though many of us do not intentionally consider fashion aesthetics when styling ourselves, we do. So, for instance, when you get ready in the morning and dress appropriately for your run, you are unknowingly wrapping in an athleisure aesthetic!

Once you’re familiar with the variety of aesthetics, you can begin dressing more deliberately and appearing more coordinated.

Finally, experimenting with various aesthetics and styles should be enjoyable. Utilize this list to experiment with makeup, clothing, and hairstyles to create a new fashion look.

Before you begin experimenting with a new aesthetic, it’s a good idea to research the various types to determine which one is best for you. First, however, where do you begin?

If you’re conducting your first aesthetics research, you may feel compelled to choose a specific style off the top of your head. However, it’s a lot simpler than randomly selecting a type and hoping for the best. Consider the celebrity style you admire. Consider fictional characters to whom you are drawn. Your musical taste can also affect your wardrobe.

Utilize a website such as Pinterest to begin mood-boarding images you like. This will help you develop a clear vision of the styles you wish to replicate, and you can refer to it while shopping.

Intriguingly, however, while style can convey personality, it does not always have to give your nature.

For instance, while many goths dress darkly and occasionally frighteningly, their personalities can be bubbly, and they do not have to be fans of metal music. This is how men’s fashion aesthetic works. While it is prudent to examine the media and culture you identify with, you do not need a strong personality connection to adopt a particular style. So put, if you enjoy a specific aesthetic, you can recreate it regardless of whether your personality reflects it! This makes dressing up more enjoyable and adaptable.

Ready for more aesthetic fashion trends in 2022? 

What are Some Men’s Fashion Aesthetic for Clothes?

Men’s aesthetic fashion can be expressed in so many ways. Countless aesthetic variations will change depending on the culture, country, and era.

Jetsetter Aesthetic

His gentleman desires a combination of function, fashion, and comfort. So, the jetsetter is willing to pay quite a bit more for his clothing. However, he desires functional clothing.

For instance, he will opt for wool 100% of the time when he purchases a jacket. The jetsetter truly wants the durability and insulating properties of wool. In addition, he always wants things that will look great. He loves the feeling of the full drape. And he’s always ready to look good because he gets off planes often as he’s a frequent flyer.

Because he travels to various locations and meets a variety of new people, he understands that people will make snap judgments, which is why he dresses sharply. In addition, he recognizes that clothing conveys information.

Dandy Aesthetic

The dandy’s style is elegant but audacious men’s fashion aesthetic. Dandies are dedicated to taste perfection. This meticulously choreographed look has a vibrant history; the clothing of urban dandies today reflects the legacy of Beau Brummell, the original dandy of Regency England.

Dandy is a term that refers to a man who is extremely conscientious about his appearance and fashion and frequently dresses in a flamboyant manner. Although the term was coined in the late eighteenth century, it was not defined until the early nineteenth century. The term “dandy” referred to a group of fashionable young aristocrats in England. Dandies are also called exquisites, fons, mashers, and beaus. Although the term was originally used to refer to a man who dressed extravagantly, by the nineteenth century, a dandy referred to a man dressed with care and style. The term “dandy” is still used in the twenty-first century to refer to either a meticulous or flamboyant dresser.

Dandyism originated with the Macaroni Club, founded in London, England, in the 1760s by a group of wealthy young Englishmen returning from a tour of Italy. The Macaronis promoted extravagant and exaggerated dress styles. They piled on layers of lace ruffles and gold embroidery and accessorized with knee buckles, striped stockings, and bright red heels. Several of them wore wigs that reached at least a foot in length and were topped with tricornes, or three-cornered hats. Indeed, the famous American patriotic song “Yankee Doodle” contains a line that reads, “Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni.”

Accessories played a significant role in the dandy’s style. The classic dandy walked with a long gold-knobbed, tasseled walking stick and was never seen in public without his bejeweled snuff box, which he used to carry chewing tobacco. He may have worn an artificial nosegay, a small bunch of flowers, or powder or perfume to ward off bad odors. Numerous dandies sported diamond-encrusted swords and slung two fobs, or pocket watches, from their elegantly tailored waistcoats. Many of whom took the surname “Beau,” these pioneering dandies earned a reputation for grace and coolness. Soon after, dandy styles popularized by the English macaronis began to spread throughout Europe. In 1790s France, the Incroyables (the Unbelievables) combined fashionable fantasy clothing with English country attire.

Baggy Jeans Aesthetic

Although baggy pants on young men became popular in the early 1990s as a modern men’s fashion aesthetic, they remained a largely “underground” style worn by a few people on the cutting edge of fashion until hip-hop surpassed grunge as the dominant musical genre among urban teenagers.

By the mid-1990s, long baggy shorts were becoming fashionable. In addition, children now demanded that jeans, which had long been a staple of casual attire, be as baggy as possible, with waists several sizes too large to expose the upper band of underwear. As a result, Gap and Old Navy introduced baggy jeans lines. In addition, the iconic Tommy Hilfiger created an “urban prep” line in response to the street style he observed, which featured baggy denim paired with crisp white button-up shirts.

There are numerous explanations for why baggy jeans became so popular. According to some, hip-hop trendsetters adopted the style to mimic prisoners’ pants while incarcerated.

According to this theory, sagging pants reflect that prison inmates are not permitted to wear belts for fear of hanging themselves in their cells. Others assert that the fashion for baggy jeans began with black basketball stars such as Michael Jordan, who rebelled against the NBA’s mandated short shorts for a long time. Michael was known for wearing longer, baggier shorts. Finally, others believe that baggy jeans originated in the snowboarding and skateboarding communities. The participants of these communities certainly needed mobility and desired to stand out from the crowd.

Regardless of their origins, the baggy jeans trend significantly impacted the athletic apparel industry. Levi’s, which was slow to introduce baggy jeans, saw a 15% decline in sales from 1996 to 1998. While hip-hop fashions remained popular into 2003, signs indicated a return to formfitting and low-rise boot cut jeans, which fit low on the waist and flare out at the ankle.

How Can Men Look More Aesthetic?

With more purchasing options than ever before, nailing the men’s fashion aesthetic becomes even more critical.

Here’s why understanding your favorite brands’ aesthetics can help you wear more attractive, well-fitting clothing.

To assist you in determining your aesthetic, here are a few popular ones you may be familiar with.

Monochrome Aesthetic

The monochrome aesthetic entails using solid, muted colors that complement one another as men’s fashion aesthetic. Several popular elements of this style include the following:

  • A pair of faded jeans (black if you can get them)
  • White sneakers (the low-profile ones work best)
  • T-shirts with solid pockets
  • A military-style watch

The monochrome aesthetic is cool as it allows men to focus their attention on a single, important element. For instance, if most of your outfit is muted, wearing a pair of flashy sneakers can create an interesting contrast.

Most of my style is based on a monochrome aesthetic.

The Suave Male Aesthetic

Suave is a classic, refined, and trim approach to dressed-up ensembles. Several popular components of a sophisticated aesthetic include the following:

  • Blue chinos with a slim fit
  • A button-down gingham shirt
  • Tan wingtip oxfords

Suave exudes sophistication without sacrificing style but typically avoids the sneaker scene. As a result, suave is an excellent way to dress for work while still displaying some flair. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can opt for a pair of crisp white sneakers.

The Preppy Aesthetic

The preppy aesthetic is as popular as it is infamous: when people think of Long Island, they think of pools, boat shoes, and boats.

Preppy evokes an old-school vibe, with university stripes and pastel color palettes inspiring. Consider the following examples of how a preppy aesthetic might manifest itself:

  • Shorts with stripes
  • A faded, pastel-hued pocket tee
  • Boots for boats
  • A wristwatch with a fabric strap

If you’ve ever visited Brooks Brothers, we’re sure you’ve noticed that the majority of their models exude a more or less suave air.

Pastel colors are an excellent way to add subtle flash to an outfit, and you may want to swap out those boat shoes for sneakers for a more balanced look.

Athletic Aesthetic

As exercise and athletics have become more ingrained in popular culture, a new aesthetic has emerged.

Adidas and Nike, two traditional apparel manufacturers, have been producing cool, modern clothing that conceals the fact that you just went to the gym.

What you might be wearing if you embody the athletic aesthetic:

  • Black joggers or black sweatpants
  • A pair of sneakers (avoid anything leather)
  • A hoodie in the camouflage style

Note how typically speaking, athletically clothed individuals appear put together even though they are dressed in athletic attire.

Yes, it’s called athleisure, and the aesthetic is growing in popularity because of the practicality and comfort it provides. But, of course, you can always add a pair of leather sneakers or jeans for a more blended aesthetic.

Streetwear Aesthetic

While streetwear may be unfamiliar to you, it is gaining popularity among the younger generation. There are two primary areas of emphasis: legendary brands and avant-garde collaborations.

Supreme is the poster child for this aesthetic, which is an interesting case study on how brands can grow in novel ways. The following are some of the components of a typical streetwear ensemble:

  • Skinny jeans with a stacked bottom
  • A witty shirt with an eye-catching pattern
  • A pair of uncommon sneakers to command respect

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