How to Be Fashionable: Xinar’s Guide to Creativity, Passion, and Personal Style (Mega Guide for 2022)

How to Be Fashionable: Xinar’s Guide to Creativity, Passion, and Personal Style (Mega Guide for 2022)

How to be fashionable? This question often terrifies people who are not entirely into the idea of having a personal fashion. And yet, style remains an integral part of who a person is and is reflective of so many things.

While some eccentrics will always reject concepts like aesthetics and looking good, that doesn’t mean that the same approach would work for everyone. Here at Xinar, we’re always supportive of the many aspects of art and expression.

Jewelry is closely tied with self-expression and fashion, and having a good idea of how jewelry works in the grand scheme of things can help a person learn how to be fashionable.

Xinar’s extensive collection of metal beads, findings, and even beautiful artisan jewelry is a testament to our commitment to helping find their place under the fashion sun.

Developing your fashion is a fantastic journey because it will change from year to year or era to era. People have times in their natural life where they identify more strongly with a specific look or aesthetic. And once that desire fades, you move on to the next best thing you think is more appropriate for you.

Personal fashion has always been about self-discovery and getting to the core of what you want to tell the world. Today, we will share some tips to give you a powerful head start in developing your fashion.

How to Be Fashionable, Step One: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Passionate About Yourself

Passion is an incredible catalyst that affects all aspects of life. You will succeed in learning how to be fashionable if you get that passion back. If you’re not as passionate as you used to be, this year might be the best year to reignite that fire in your heart. Be passionate about new things. If you don’t know where to start, it might be a good idea to create a hobby. There are so many benefits of having a hobby that we’re amazed that people think it’s a waste of time.

As you build up that personal power and confidence from telling yourself that it is OK to be passionate about things again, you can start thinking about how you’d like to appear to the world. Fashion, at its core, is a unique language made up of lines, colors, fabric, accessories, and so on. You speak to the world through what you wear and how you carry yourself. So when you start being passionate again about the stuff you care about, ask yourself, how would you like the world to know the real you?

How to Be Fashionable, Step Two: Start Thinking of How to Be Fashionable By Creating a Personal Style

Be Comfortable with Who You Are

What style of clothing do you prefer to wear? Are you a free spirit or a pragmatist? Do you like a more formal corporate environment or a more relaxed atmosphere? Is your present clothing timeless and elegant or trendy and cutting-edge? Think about the image you wish to project to the rest of the world.

Consider the following:

Age-appropriate clothing should always be worn if you wish to master how to be fashionable. If you have grandchildren and dress like them, you have a problem. It’s OK to desire to look young; make sure your clothing is appropriate for your age.

You wouldn’t go to work in a law firm wearing jeans and a cut-off t-shirt, and you wouldn’t teach kindergarteners in a short skirt and weird high heels.

When shopping for new clothing, try to keep your profession in mind. Then, once you’ve chosen an outfit suited for your work, add some personal touches with a few accessories.

Lifestyle is also a factor. Stiletto heels are lovely for the city, but they’ll make you stand out like a sore thumb if you live in the country. Fashion should be functional and fashionable, and it should blend in with your environment.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money showing people the unique style you have developed because you’re sure about your taste and preferences now.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Inspired

Choose a model, celebrity, or simply any person you admire who can help you embody a personal style.

Find photographs of your style icons by flipping through the pages of prominent entertainment or fashion publications. Cut out and save the images in a binder or hang them up in your room to serve as inspiration. Don’t imitate the celebrity’s style; instead, use components of it as a starting point for your own.

Make your photographs. While window shopping, bring a camera or a sketchpad with you.

Inspiration can come from many different places. Don’t only look at what’s popular right now. Look for vintage clothing boutiques, old publications, and history books to learn about the origins of the latest fashion trends. Look to modern and historical fashion luminaries for inspiration. You may discover that your unique style incorporates elements from both your grandmother’s and your eras. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing fashion or styling inspiration from the bygone eras of fashion history. Remember – fashion trends are a cycle!

Have a Clear Vision of the Finish Line

Are you looking for a new, high-paying job? Are you on the lookout for the man of your dreams? What’s the real purpose of wanting to know how to be fashionable?

Get a notebook or a journal and jot down your life and fashion objectives. Then consider which design elements and accessories can assist you in achieving those objectives. Consider adding a couple of pieces to your suit collection if you want to advance your career. If you’re returning to school, you’ll want to ditch some of your suits in favor of some casual knits and jeans.

Take your shopping list with you once you’ve made your list. Bringing along some images or descriptions of what you already have in your closet can also be beneficial. Request assistance from the salesperson in selecting items that will compliment your current wardrobe while also assisting you in achieving your objectives.

Capitalize on Your Physical Assets

What portions of your body do you think are the best? Concentrate on the aspects of your personality that you enjoy the most and use clothing and accessories to draw attention to them.

For example, if you have beautiful blue eyes, make them stand out using eye shadow and liner colors that complement them. Short shorts and mini-skirts are the perfect way to show off those long legs.

Knowing your measurements will help you choose apparel that fits well. This is a crucial part of your education on how to be fashionable. Please make a list of your measurements and carry them with you when shopping.

Make an effort to dress for your body type. For example, most women’s bodies are pear-shaped, meaning their waists are tiny and their hips are more prominent. If you’re pear-shaped, choose clothes that emphasize your slim upper body. Shirts with bright colors, scarves, and shoulder pads with a modern look should work well. Wear fitted slacks and skirts and long coats that are hip-length. Pleats and stripes should be avoided since they draw attention to more expansive areas.

You’ll want to attract attention away from your waist if you’re rounder and more apple-shaped. Flat-fronted skirts, empire-waisted dresses, and fitted, wide-leg pants are also good choices.

A deep V-neck will draw attention to a flat breast. Instead, opt for rounded-neck tops and layer a necklace to create interest.

If you’re curvy, a scooped neckline that hugs your chest properly will highlight your curves.

You don’t have to wear baggy, droopy clothes if you’re incredibly curvaceous. You can still get attractive, tailored clothing that flatters your figure. Purchase clothing that fits well and shops in stores that can accommodate your figure.

How to Be Fashionable, Step Three: Figure Out What Your Aesthetics Are

Aesthetics refers to various clothing styles, such as retro, arty, or even goth. The term refers to the appearance you achieve via clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. For example, aesthetics might relate to informal fashions, formal attire, or workplace attire, as they are all types of looks one can get with clothing.

You can start dressing with more intention and focus for a more coordinated and impactful look.

Playing with various aesthetics and styles should be enjoyable at the end of the day! When you’re investigating aesthetics for the first time, you might feel compelled to pick a style off the top of your head. It’s much less complicated than choosing a type at random and hoping for the best!

Consider your favorite celebrity’s style. It won’t be a bad idea to think of characters in literature and film who pique your interest because of their personalities and style.

Your clothing can be influenced by the music you listen to as well. Using a website like Pinterest to start mood-boarding images you like can be beneficial studying how to be fashionable. This will give you a clear understanding of the trends you want to imitate, and you’ll be able to refer to them while purchasing.

A person’s style can indicate his personality, but this is not always the case. Many goths, for example, dress in a dark and occasionally frightening manner, yet their personality might be effervescent, and they don’t have to be metal music enthusiasts.

Though it’s a good idea to look at the media and culture you relate with, you don’t need a strong personality connection to adopt a style. This makes dressing up more enjoyable and versatile.

What Are Aesthetic Fashion Types?

There are so many types of aesthetics to choose from:

Men, Here’s How To Be Fashionable: Men’s Fashion Aesthetic

These are styles that emphasize what a man should look like in modern times, but other subsets of preference and taste largely determine the types. Men’s fashion aesthetics are also determined by culture, so don’t expect the same things to stick. It will be up to what a modern man looks like in your current culture. However, getting inspiration from the global men’s fashion scene isn’t bad either! Click to read more about men’s fashion aesthetics here.

Grunge Fashion Aesthetic

Grunge is widely considered one of the most influential musical styles in modern music history. On the other hand, Aesthetic grunge fashion was just one of many offshoots of what could be considered a solid popular culture movement – punk.

Like many music genres and movements, aesthetic grunge fashion was boisterous, passionate, and uncompromising. It arrived just in time for the 1990s’ angst-ridden adolescent years. Something had to give in the metal scene, which had become too commercialized and saturated. Grunge was a big reaction to the eighties’ excessive hair metal. You can read more about the grunge aesthetic by clicking here.

Retro Lovers, How To Be Fashionable: The Eighties Fashion Aesthetic

If you’re interested in the 80s fashion style, you’ll need to go deep into the era’s sensibilities until you reach the heart, or soul, of the decade. Nonetheless, it’s always fascinating to translate a generation’s experience through fashion, mainly if it encompasses any age’s style. For example, we previously looked at the ‘clash’ between Reaganomics, the development of the ‘yuppie,’ and the explosion of iconic music, movies, and fashion because of MTV and the era’s dynamic nature, which was a mix of liberalism, dissatisfaction, and the never-ending urge for uniqueness and freedom. Click here to explore eighties fashion and discover how the nation’s entire history influenced fashion and self-expression in the “best decade ever.”

The 2000s Fashion Aesthetic

It was the year 2000, and a brand-new millennium stretched ahead of us, gleaming with the potential of modern technology. The turbulent decade of the 1990s was drawing to a close. The dot-com bubble had burst, and the stock market catastrophe and the “war on terror” were on the horizon. There was no Y2K, the ostensibly century-ending error, and simply utopian futurism and faith in a new era of infinite possibility for a brief period.

During this brief period, there were various aesthetic phases in fashion, hardware design, music, and interiors marked by a specific optimism about the future of technology. Metallic or otherwise artificial materials, planetary footwear, inflated furnishings, and alien-inspired hairdos were all signs of the times. All aboard the new millennium time machine!

Cottagecore Fashion Aesthetic

Cottagecore is a dreamy, cozy design aesthetic that has amassed a cult-like following on social media. In the current day, it has become a highly sought-after design aesthetic. Cottagecore is said to have been coined by the Tumblr community in 2018.

Throughout the early 2010s, young people used photography to romanticize and document rural life. Their images usually feature romanticized landscapes from rural homes with antique floral design patterns. Lace, large caps, and flowing, ethereal gowns are popular choices. Teapots, antique chandeliers, and outdoor tubs all have cottagecore roots. Get your total dose of cottagecore here.

Naturecore Fashion Aesthetic

The adoption of a new aesthetic known as “naturecore” has increased recently. Pinterest and Tumblr were the first to popularize the nature-inspired pattern, which has roots in various subcultures. Using Naturecore to design clothing, furnishings, and even animals is just one example of how you may put it to good use.

In naturecore, nature, animals, and even environmental activism are common motifs or subjects. It honors all of the beautiful things that nature has bestowed upon us. Cottagecore can be traced back to aesthetics like fairycore, gothiccore, and goblincore. People that identify as naturecore value the natural environment and its interconnections highly. Learn more about naturecore here.

Royalcore Fashion Aesthetic

The term “royalcore” describes a style or aesthetic influenced by medieval and early modern European royalty and Belle Époque art (late 19th century). The Royalcore kind of life requires refinement and traditional western standards of behavior. Wisdom, morality, talent, and grace are the underlying attributes that give appearance more meaning. The beauty of castle architecture and its surroundings, such as gardens and training arenas utilized by medieval knights, is also emphasized in this visual style. Click to read more about Royalcore.

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