How Do You Become a Naturecore?

How Do You Become a Naturecore?

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Recent years have seen an increase in adopting a new aesthetic called “naturecore.” Pinterest and Tumblr first popularized the nature-based motif, roots in numerous subcultures. Designing clothing, interiors, and even animals using Naturecore is just one example of how you may put it to good use.

Animals, nature, and environmental activism are prevalent motifs or themes in naturecore. It celebrates all the beautiful things that nature has provided for us. Aesthetics like fairycore, gothiccore, and goblincore may all be traced back to cottagecore. People who identify as naturecore tend to place a high value on the natural world and its relationships.

Is There a Reason Why It’s So Appealing?

Nature appeals to people because it embodies their ideals of independence and tranquility. Nature is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life when tall concrete structures and oncoming traffic always surround you. You might get some rest from your hectic routine if you reside in a city and incorporate some features into your surroundings.

As a result of extended isolation, people got more interested in nature. Because of the pandemic, many people have been interested in living as near a sustainable lifestyle as possible. Several people find it quite enticing to live calmly in a modest cottage in the middle of nature.

The aesthetic’s primary appeal is its ability to relax and beautify, as well as its ability to reawaken a sense of earthly connection.

What is Naturecore?

Using natural fibers, naturecore aims to promote eco-friendly fashion. Eco-friendly fashion firms that appreciate organic fibers and sustainable manufacturing methods will likely carry a wide range of products created from these fabrics. You can wear everyday clothes like light-colored trousers, chinos, sweaters; casual gear like earthy tones of patterned leggings and long skirts; or more elegant garments with a naturist motif.

Shirts, which are usually worn outside of pants, are frequently adorned with images of nature, plants, or animals in various stages of development. Natural-materials-based jewelry such as headgear, wreaths, necklaces, and bracelets are standard naturecore accessories. Bracelets might be crafted from tree bark or roots, necklaces from shells or feathers, and hats from straws and leaves for a more rustic look. When many choose to go barefoot, you can still wear laced boots, sandals, Birkenstocks, Vans Old Skool, and ballerinas while out and about. Comfortable footwear is vital.

A faint eye shadow or a modest eyeliner may be all that’s needed to draw attention to the eyes. Shiny balm or gloss can bring out the natural color of the lips. Some people prefer to go out without any make-up. In contrast, others want to show off their artistic abilities with colorful, pastel, and glittering depictions of butterflies and flowers on their faces. Look at Pinterest or search the internet for nature-inspired products if you need some inspiration.

A Room with a Naturecore View

There is no limit on how fans can incorporate the natural style into their spaces and fashion, from simple, daily clothing to home decor. Nature can enter your home by using plants or artwork that depicts animals and plants that you encounter in the wild. It’s not about making your environment as natural as possible, but it can be an opportunity to bring nature into your home.

Examples include snakeskin clothing and plant-like wall designs. Paintings depicting animals in trees or plants that look like they belong in a deep tropical forest are further examples of this type. For a natural look, you can grow a succulent in a container on your windowsill or hang vines from the ceiling in a corner or vacant spot.

Terrariums and small indoor gardens are excellent ways to include more plants into your home’s decor. If you want a lovely glow in your home without having to use harsh artificial lighting, use candles in glass jars scattered throughout. To make the lights more environmentally friendly, they can be built from recycled materials like milk jugs and wine bottles. Finally, hang mirrors in front of windows that face the outside to make the most of your interior space and take advantage of the view outside while working indoors.

Look around you and see whether there are any trees; if there are, make sure you can see them from inside your home. To be clear, this isn’t an entire list; there are countless different ways you may put them together to create your look.

What in the World is Dark Naturecore?

Dark naturalism, also known as dark naturecore, emphasizes gloom and gloom. Many regard it as an antithesis of the usual natural aesthetic, typically bright and full of vivid hues. Dark naturecore has an ethereal quality that lends it a sense of otherworldliness. The striking contrast between light and dark in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s graphical style is an example of this.

Forestcore versus Naturecore

When it comes to picking a style, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of options available, especially if you don’t know where to start. The phrase “cottagecore” may be familiar to you; it refers to a fashion and lifestyle trend characterized by a nod to the past and a fondness for simple pleasures. Several sub-genres of cottagecore, such as forestcore, can be found.

As a rule, everything connected to the natural world is an excellent emblem of forestcore, whether it’s clothing, activities, or even interior design.

Cottagecore, of course, isn’t the only type of nature-inspired style that it shares with. Mosscore, goblincore, and more are all examples of this. Most people tend to have a deeper, more moody look, but this might vary slightly from person to person. For many people, escaping into nature and letting go of the shackles of contemporary civilization is a liberating experience. As may be expected, there are many similarities between forestcore and the broader concept of naturecore.

Even though I’ve discussed several parallels between forestcore and cottagecore, it’s clear that they aren’t the same.

What, therefore, is the distinction? While the two seem similar, they can also appear significantly different on the surface.

This is a music style based on the romantic, Latin European way of life, particularly in the countryside. It has an idealized view of agriculture and other aspects of living in the rural. However, the Forestcore style draws inspiration from various cultures, including Celtic symbols, Siberian, and Nordic. Although nature and fleeing reality are common themes in both aesthetics, there are significant contrasts between both.

If you’re picturing a rustic log cabin in the woods, or a rainy day looking out on a lush, forested, dark green environment, forestcore would be a better fit. However, cottagecore is softer and more feminine, with dainty and charming clothing battling to see who can be the most adorable. As a result, cottagecore is more feminine, whereas forestcore is more masculine, with a deeper, earthier color palette and a more neutral attitude.

Once we’ve had a look at the forestcore style and how it differs from its cousin, cottagecore, it’s time to examine the visuals and motifs you’ll see. Several visual cues that could be considered forestcore have previously been mentioned, but the list that follows goes into greater detail. Of course, this list isn’t complete, and it’s crucial to pick your themes because you’re the one who is living the forestcore aesthetic.

  • Comfy yurts
  • In the woods (of course)
  • Trees
  • Rocks, moss, and similar things
  • Brownish-green
  • Mushrooms
  • Plants, leaves, and flowers
  • Watercourses, both fresh and saltwater
  • Birds of prey
  • Scenes of mist and fog
  • Shadows with dappled light
  • Dark, ominous lighting

What are Forestcore Accessories?

Your accessories are just as essential as your clothing, so don’t overlook them. As with the apparel, forestcore’s style is laid-back and unassuming; as a result, extraordinarily glitzy or large-scale statement jewelry will look out of place. Instead, go for simple gold or silver jewelry, such as chains, little plain necklaces, simple rings, and small earrings in a variety of sizes and shapes. Decorate them with mushrooms, fall foliage, butterflies, or other forest-themed items. Bucket hats, caps, and beanies are all acceptable headwear options that look great with a leather backpack.

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