Create Your Jewelry with Unique, Themed Silver Charms

Create Your Jewelry with Unique, Themed Silver Charms

Do you want to create your jewelry? DIY jewelry-making is not only easier nowadays, but it’s also potentially profitable if you’re thinking of marketing your handmade jewelry on platforms like Etsy or even your website.

You can create your jewelry lines with unique themes by using silver charms. Silver charms come with endless variety, and they’re also regularly updated by silver manufacturers to suit the taste of buyers.

If you don’t know where to start because of the enormous variety of sterling silver charms available, Xinar’s guides on jewelry design and symbols should get you started on the right track!

Create Your Jewelry with Jewelry Themes

Pendants or charms are at the heart of jewelry creations. As such, you need to know what these symbols are and when it is appropriate to use them in creating necklaces, earrings, charm bracelets, and other jewelry creations.

1. Go Way Back with Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Creations

Retro and vintage will always be in people’s hearts, mainly because these jewelry lines remind people of more comfortable and familiar times. Just look at how Far Fetched Imports came to be.

Vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, including mixed-metal jewelry, will always bring back great memories, making them marketable and resistant to significant changes in people’s tastes as they age; even more, their perceived value and attractiveness increase, too.

Suppose you’re ready to craft vintage-inspired jewelry or vintage-themed jewelry. In that case, you can always explore Xinar’s Far Fetched Imports collection, where you can score beautiful vintage-inspired medallion rings for any jewelry project. Retro, classic, vintage, historical—everything can inspire beautiful jewelry. Even classic games like cribbage are in the popular imagination.

2. Experiment with Using Good Luck Charms

Jewelry-making pendants have deeper meanings, and we don’t always plan our creations to reflect those significations. But what matters most is how the people wearing the jewelry will think about what you made.

Many people, for example, wear jewelry because they want to have lucky charms around. Any sterling silver charm can be added to a charm bracelet or any jewelry to become a good luck charm. The most common theme in this department is animal good luck charms. You can explore our take on animal good luck charms here, and part two is just a jump away.

3. Create Jewelry Inspired by Different Eras or Trends

Jewelry thrives by aligning with fashion trends and changing clothing and fashion tastes. As a result, some types of jewelry fall away temporarily, but eventually, the cycle renews, and the old ones are in demand again.

It always helps if you are familiar with fashion trends over the decades, so you know where you are coming from and have a compass for crafting beautiful jewelry from scratch. If you don’t know where to start in exploring different fashion trends through the decades, check out the items below:

4. Using Spiritual or Ritual-Themed/Inspired Charms

A consistently healthy part of the market that supports handmade jewelry is focused on spiritual or ritual charms.

Suppose you’d like to have a deeper understanding of how the simplest symbols can radically change the perceived meaning of what you’re adding to a charm bracelet, for example. In that case, you can read our spiritual symbols and daily life article.

This blog covers the framework of understanding spirituality and art, so you know what you’re getting into when you use different symbols and create a line of jewelry that’s supposed to appeal to people’s beliefs or faiths.

A significant theme in spiritual or magic-inspired jewelry is Wiccan symbols, and we have a separate discussion on Celtic Wiccan belief charms, too.

5. Adding Zodiac Charms to Celestial-Inspired Jewelry

Not too far from the crowd that loves spiritual jewelry, Celtic-inspired jewelry, and jewelry with Wiccan charms or symbols is the crowd that loves zodiac charms and symbols.

We all know why these are appealing to such a broad group of people, and they’re so popular that we even made a unique guide for crafters, so they gain a better understanding of what the zodiac and celestial symbols mean.

Check out our guide to zodiac charms before making any jewelry in this lane so they come out right. Then, for additional enrichment, we recommend consulting with our blog on the history and meanings behind sun charms and the symbolisms behind moon charms. Finally, suppose you’re planning to create a lot of Wiccan-inspired jewelry. In that case, you can utilize the symbolic power of the goddess symbol, and it won’t hurt to take a look at other mystical symbols in jewelry that matters to other faiths, as well.

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