Quick-Start Guides and How-Tos: Beading Tools and Beading Techniques

Quick-Start Guides and How-Tos: Beading Tools and Beading Techniques

Over half the effort in beading is figuring out how to use beading tools while mastering beading techniques. Xinar has supported the creative visions of DIY jewelry-makers and crafters for over 20 years. This year, we’re ensuring that everyone who wants to start beading can do so easily with the correct information to get them started on the right track.

Beading is as old as human civilization and will never go out of style from a fashion point of view. What’s excellent about beading today is that you will have easy access to all the jewelry-making supplies you can ever need, like sterling silver beads, sterling silver findings, copper beads, copper findings, gold-filled beads, and so many more. Don’t forget that for every charm bracelet or necklace that you make, you will need to add a sterling silver charm to make the theme pop.

We have many quick-start guides and how-to blogs on the various aspects of using beading tools and techniques. The range of methods should help you determine the best approach for your new projects.

1. Selecting the Best Bead Jewelry Tools For the First Time

The most significant advantage of beading is you don’t have to buy so many jewelry tools to try essential beading techniques at home. Many crafters begin with only one or two tools, and they scale their resources based on the complexity of their beading projects.
In this guide, we introduce you to a variety of great tools that you must have on your workbench for the best results. Of course, the beading techniques you use on fabric can also be used for creating beautiful jewelry, so avoid limiting yourself. On the other hand, if you feel that you are up for it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start experimenting with beads and findings explicitly used for jewelry projects.

2. Learning Bead Stringing Techniques Used by the Pros

Beading techniques are not rocket science, but they require utmost patience and attention to detail, as you’ll have to perform several steps repeatedly and in a definite sequence. The first part of this guide tackles the primary forms of beading on a single line or cord. The guide also answers questions on what cord or wire to use and why those selections are best for most projects. If you don’t know how wire gauges work, this is the perfect guide.

3. Stringing Beads on Regular Cord and Leather (Plus Troubleshooting Tips!)

This unique beading techniques guide explores many aspects of stringing beads on cords, specifically how you can string beads on different measurements, how to join two cords properly, and simple but essential steps like the proper way to use beading cones. You can also work on improving multi-strand beading projects by following the advice written here.

4. It’s a World Made of Beads!

While beads made of semi-precious metals are a top-tier choice for fashion jewelry and jewelry made to be passed down from generation to generation, you mustn’t limit yourself to just metal beads. There is an incredible array of beads worldwide, and the vast majority of these beads are accessible through the internet. Different materials speak to crafters at different levels and in different ways. If you have just begun unlocking your skills, and you’re only just familiarizing yourself with beading tools and beading jewelry, it’s time that you also started reading more about the different types of beads that are perfect for all types of beading projects.

5. Why Use Nylon Cords for Beading?

Nylon cords are lightweight, inexpensive, and perfect for many beading projects. This guide introduces how nylon cords work and where they fit in the larger scheme. We also discuss how monofilament cords are used in jewelry-making and beading and the pros and cons of each.

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